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“What Do You Do When You Need Cash Quick? Let Me Show You 8 Methods That Have Worked Extremely Well for Me!
From the Desk of Tony Laidig...

re: Quick Cash!

Quick's something we ALL need from time to time! What you MAY not realize is that, very often, there is CASH sitting right under our noses and we don't even see it! Let me explain...

Most people have STUFF they don't need, want, or use. Perhaps the stuff was given to us as a gift. Maybe some of our stuff was from a project we are no longer pursuing. Perhaps you have clothing stuff that no longer fits. Or maybe your stuff is the result of a failed business venture or idea. 
The Great News Is That Others May Want Your STUFF!
Kristen and I have a LOT of stuff...but much less than we used to! Our various businesses required inventory, display furniture, and more. But between closing a retail store and 10 antique booths (not to mention personal collections of stuff), we realized that our house, 2-story garage, and 7 storage units were crazy FULL of stuff! It was COOL stuff, but stuff nonetheless...and it was costing us nearly a thousand dollars per month to store it. Something needed to change...and THAT is when we started the Great Purge! 

Using a variety of selling strategies we had embraced over the used, our STUFF began turning into CASH...thousands of dollars worth of cash! And that cash brought with it a HUGE ah-ha moment! 
These Methods Can Help Other People Turn STUFF Into CASH!
It seems like a simple idea, yet it is surprising how few people actually think of it...even in a tough situation! The GREAT news is that there are a LOT of people in many different places who are SEARCHING for your stuff...IF you know where to find them! Just this morning (as I was writing this sales letter), I was called away to a meeting that resulted in a $1,500 sale (with another $1,200 coming next week) AND the donation of several items to a local museum!
How We Qualified These Strategies...
When considering ANY business opportunity, it's important to qualify it based on a standard set of parameters that define your goals. In the case of these Quick Cash methods, these are all methods we practice regularly ourselves! We know they work from personal experience. But there is also due diligence required as well.

The 8 Strategies we use for generating Quick Cash fall into FOUR categories:
  • Best Online Strategies
  • Best One to Many Strategies​ 
  • Best Swap Strategies
  • Best Face-to-Face Strategies 
Each of these 8 strategies are easy enough that ANYONE can do them. And, as a bonus, they can EACH also be turned into full-time businesses! Ask us how we know...
That’s Why We Are Excited to Tell You About...
“Income Reboot: Quick Cash”
In this brand-new LIVE training being team taught by Tony Laidig and his wife, Kristen Joy, you will discover everything you need to get started with each of the for Strategies shared above!
  • 4 Modules Taught LIVE!
  • Ongoing Access to All Replays
  • All Slide PDFs
  • BONUS Video Trainings:
    • “Buying Goods Using Onsite Auctions”
    • “Buying Goods Using Retail Arbitrage”
    • “Buying Goods Using Yard Sales and Flea Markets.”
These modules and bonuses are easily worth $97 or more EACH because of the research, testing and proven results behind them. But because Kristen and I want as many people as possible to benefit from this training, we are temporarily reducing the Introductory Pricing!
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