“If You Were Starting Over, or Starting From Scratch,
What Kind of Business Would You Focus on Building?
It’s a Question I’m Asked ALL the Time, and My Answer Is...
From the Desk of Tony Laidig...

re: Starting Over!

The ONE question I am asked more than ANY other (other than if I ever sleep) is the question in the headline...

“If You Were Starting Over, or Starting From Scratch, What Kind of Business Would You Focus on Building?”

I understand where the question comes from. I get it. There are SO many business opportunities available these days that it can become extremely confusing and daunting to know where to begin. No one wants to waste time, energy or money creating something that is ultimately doomed to fail. Of course, failure IS part of the business growth process, though it's never fun!

Honestly I've given this question a LOT of thought and consideration lately and the truth is that my response changes from time to time, and for good reason. What worked a few years ago doesn't necessarily work now. But in considering all the business methods that one could use to generate an income, there are FOUR that stood out to me...
The Codex Method
The Kitchen Sink Method
The Airmail Method
The Lowball Method
How I Qualified These Opportunities...
When considering ANY business opportunity, it's important to qualify it based on a standard set of parameters that define your goals. For these four options I wanted to make sure they would each include the following...
  • Low Startup Cost: Many business opportunities are expensive to get started (try opening a retail store once). But for this training, I wanted to present the best options that required little startup costs. All businesses cost SOMETHING to run, but these four require less.
  • Leverage Top Sales Platforms: One of the secrets to making sales these days is to offer your products on the sales platforms that are getting the most traffic. Those sites include Amazon, Facebook, Etsy, Ebay and others. Each of the four methods capitalize on one or more of these platforms. 
  • Demand: If people don't want what you're selling, you're wasting your time. Each of these opportunities are structured in ways that make it easy to tap into demand in multiple ways and in multiple niches!
  • Scalability: It's important to be able to grow your business as it matures and begins to generate income. Scalability (or the lack thereof) will make or break your income-generating abilities. Each of these opportunities can be scaled as your grow.
Each of these four methods meet ALL the qualification parameters I established and more! And while NOTHING is a sure thing, I feel these opportunities are PERFECT for anyone wanting to create a new business or add an additional stream of income to their existing business.
That's Why I’m Excited to Tell You About...
“Income Reboot”
In this brand-new LIVE training being team taught by Tony Laidig and his wife, Kristen Joy, you will discover everything you need to get started with each of the for Methods shared above, including:
  • The Codex Method (Low-Content Books)
  • The Kitchen Sink Method (eCom Products)
  • The Airmail Method (Downloadable Products)
  • The Lowball Method (Arbitrage Products)
  • BONUS: “Developing a Business Mindset” Video Training. If you don't get THIS part right, you'll just waste your time. Many people sabotage their businesses because their mindset isn't where it needs to be. This bonus from Tony will help fix that.
Each of these modules is easily worth $97 or more because of the research, testing and proven results behind them. But because Kristen and I want as many people as possible to benefit from this training, we are temporarily reducing the Introductory Pricing!
Right Now TODAY, You Can Get Access to the LIVE Training for All 4 Webinar Modules, the Bonus Training and Ongoing Access...
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